‘Made for 7’ Coding Contest for the Malaysia Technical Communities

Malaysia’s Independent Developers (MIND) User Group with the help of 4 Malaysia MVPs Daqing Lee, Kok Chiann, Yee Jie Ng and Christopher Leong is organizing a Windows 7 competition called ‘Made for 7’.


Specially organized for the Malaysia MVPs and Malaysia technical communities,Made for 7’ is a coding contest where your ingenious application meets the opportunity to win great prizes! Show the world what you’re working with and take things up a notch when you code to the power of Windows 7.


‘Made for 7’ will also provide a free training to get you started and geared up to prepare for the Ultimate mind-boggling coding challenge. So, power up, put on your coding cap and stand to walk away with an awesome multi touch laptop and many more attractive prizes to be won!


For more information on the Made for 7contest and registration, do check out this website.  


Help us get the word out to your technical communities and all enthusiastic coding lovers and thank you for your support in advance!





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