Malaysia MVP delivers an impactful session on ‘Windows 7 Feature Overview’ at TechNet Event

Malaysia System Center Operations Manager MVP Raymond Chou delivered a session on ‘Windows 7 Feature Overview’ at the TechNet event held at Kota Kinabalu, reaching out to more than 100 IT Pros.


In his presentation, Raymond focused a lot on the productivity features like Direct Access, Branch Cache, Windows 7 Power and UAC options, Windows 7 Performance and Troubleshooting Enhancements, Bitlocker To Go for security, attaching VHDs and ended with all the cool UI stuff like Aero Peek, Shake, Attach.  He also showcased the Windows XP Mode  as he felt that many users had a lot of bad experiences with Windows Vista and especially on Application Compatibility.


There was a lot of hype of Windows 7 that was built around UI which Raymond felt that it was an understatement as Windows 7 had major performance improvements and functionality that would be useful for IT administrators and professionals. Raymond’s presentation clearly delivered the impactful message that he wanted to convey to the 100 IT Pros and that was, ‘Hey… yes.. Vista was a tough OS to like… but with Windows 7 now… we can get moving!!


You can download his slides here  

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