Indonesia MVP Spreads Passion through Writings

Indonesia Visual C# MVP Agus Kurniawan, an avid writer for PC Media magazine, has contributed 3 articles for the month of September and October. PC Media is one of the most well-read IT magazines in Indonesia, reaching out to around 3000 readers per issue.

Here are the 3 interesting articles published by Agus, written in Bahasa Indonesia:

– ‘Build Game Application Using XNA Game Studio
This technical paper gives an insight on how to develop game programming using XNA Game Studio. Visual Studio 2008 is used as development tool whilst XNA Framework 3.1 as game framework. This paper covered topics such as XNA game programming structure, how to start game programming using Visual Studio 2008 and XNA, working with input device.

 – ‘Build Game Application for Zune Using XNA
An introduction to how one can develop game programming using XNA Game Studio on Zune platform, as well as share on how to compile codes and transfer applications from Visual Studio 2008 to Zune device. 

 – ‘SQL Server 2008 Integration Services
Besides giving an introduction to SQL Server 2008 Integration Services (SSIS), SSIS architecture, and its features, this technical paper also shares how SSIS can help to solve data cleansing and to integrate data from any data source.

To read the articles, click on the titles above.



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