Announcing our September Early Warning Signal (EWS) Apprentice (Part 1 of 2)


Dear SEA MVPs,


We like to apologize for the inaccurate September issue of Early Warning Signal (EWS) Apprentice newsletter sent out last week. Due to a technical glitch in our EWS reporting system, it did not manage to capture all the EWSes that were submitted in the month of September.


The good news J is, September is not quite a ‘quiet’ month like what we have thought it was earlier. Instead, it is truly a month worth celebrating as our SEA MVPs had achieved an all-time-high of 14 EWSes submitted by 4 of our consistent EWS Apprentices. Needless to say, we have topped the charts again, putting our friendly APGC MVPs way behind us, contributing to more than 80% of EWSes submitted in APGC, and more than 50% worldwide this month. The 4 MVPs who have submitted EWS for the month of September are:  ASP/ASP.NET MVP Jeffery Tay, Visual C# MVP Chandana Athauda, System Center Configuration Manager MVP Shaminda Illangantilaka and Visual C# MVP Chan Ming Man you guys deserve our big round of applause for achieving such astounding results, putting Southeast-Asia once again into the limelight!! *CLAP CLAP*
Please refer to ‘Announcing our September Early Warning Signal (EWS) Apprentice (Part 2 of 2)‘ for the updated list of EWS submitted for September and the EWS Hall of Fame.

We look forward to more great ‘surprises’ from our SEA MVPs in the month of October.


Dear SEA MVPs,

The month of September seems to be a rather quiet month for many of our APGC MVPs. True enough, we have the ONE and ONLY ONE EWS submitted in September by our most consistent EWS apprentice, Visual C# MVP Chan Ming Man, putting Southeast-Asia once again on the pedestal.

Taking a step back, it seems that our friendly APGC MVPs had decided to ‘surrender’ seeing the gusto of our SEA MVPs for the past few months OR maybe they are just lying low and waiting for the right opportunity to make a grand entry. The future is unknown, we can only work on the present. So, SEA MVPs, now is the time for all of us to stay focus, show no complacent and put our best foot forward in this friendly EWS battle.

Having achieved great heights over the past few months, we truly acknowledged and thanked you all for the great effort put in to support this EWS initiative by the MVP Award Program. Let us inculcate a habit of filing an EWS whenever we spot any potentially broad, hot, high impact, negative customer experiences or any new issues that they see in technical communities. SEA MVPs, file your ‘first’ or your ‘next’ EWS right now!


More about EWS:

Early Warning Signal (EWS) function gives MVPs the ability to ALERT and send Microsoft about potentially broad, hot, high impact, negative customer experiences or any new issues that they see in technical communities. To report a new issue, use the EWS submission form. All new EWS submissions are reviewed by Microsoft within 5 business days, and you will receive a response with outlining actions planned relevant to your submission. You can also view EWS submissions from other MVPs and vote on them.


If you need any assistance on filing an EWS or if you have any queries on the above, please feel free to approach Windy Teo or Lilian Quek  for further assistance. For a glimpse as to who are our current TOP EWS Apprentice up to date, check out the ‘EWS Hall of Fame below.

PS: EWS can be considered as one of MVP’s great contribution to the technical communities and filed in the MVP Member site. This will be used for MVP’s evaluation when a MVP’s award cycle is due for renewal.



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