Windows 7 Launch Party at MVP Mike’s Place

On October 22nd, Philippines Visual Basic MVP Michael Delgado Corpuz in conjuction with the WW Windows 7 launch organized a Windows 7 launch party at none other than his cosy little house in the Philippines. Preparations started a few weeks ago when he received his Windows 7 party pack shipped by the House Party Fulfillment team which contained lots of Windows 7 freebies as well as Windows 7 64bit and 32bit OS Signature edition.


On the day of the launch party which saw ~15 close friends and family members attending, Michael set up 3 laptops, 2 of which were installed with Windows 7 64bit and one with Windows 7 32bit. It was a fun filled night as the attendees got the opportunity to network, had a hands-on experience on Windows 7 features and got actively engaged in discussing the OS while basking in the cosy home-made pizzas and finger food.


Before the night came to a closure, everyone formed a circle around the bottle of wine and a game was played whereby whichever the bottle points to when it halts, the lucky lady/gentleman will get to take home the priceless Windows 7 OS Signature edition.  To find out who was the lucky winner, read here for his blog entry.





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