Get Empowered and Remain Connected in Silver Empower Launch Party!

On October 25th, Singapore ASP/ASP.NET MVP Darren Sim together with Information Development of Authority (IDA) co-organized the ‘Silver Empower’ launch party, reaching out to 100 attendees. Silver Empower (website is still under construction) is an initiative which Darren has worked with the Singapore Management University (SMU) Student Group and Singapore’s infocomm industry champion, Information Development of Authority (IDA). Silver Empower is a ‘test-bed‘ event where the organizers invited seniors to a three-hour long session and where Darren shared his experience with the seniors the accessibility features in Microsoft Windows and how they could take advantage of these features to dissolve boundaries. (Note: No slides to be share due to copyrights material from IDA)


The sessions were conducted in two language slots, English and Chinese. Prior to the lab session, Darren and his organizing committee also held a mini awareness cum soft launch event at Kampong Glam CC where they had the privilege of having guest of honor, Mrs. Jennifer Yeo (Wife of Minister of Foreign Affairs, George Yeo) to sponsor and grace the event. Given the very warm response to this event and moving forward, Darren will be potentially working with the same SMU group and IDA to hold more events to cover LIVE services and Windows 7 in the upcoming months. The key take away is to help seniors get empowered and remain connected! Click here for more photos




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