Announcing our November Early Warning Signal (EWS) Apprentice (Part 1 of 3)

Hello SEA MVPs,


What an amazing November!


From all corners of Southeast-Asia, our MVPs had come together to bring our accomplishments to another higher notch in November. This month, we had an astounding 28 EWSes filed and 2 new EWS contendersSQL Server MVP Gogula Aryalingam and Office System MVP Tian-An Tan. We like to say a big ‘Thank You’ to all 12 EWS apprentices who stepped up and filed your EWS/es. Because of YOU, we broke our highest records… again!


Indeed, we can achieve so much when we come together as one.  As mentioned before, every single EWS filed by our MVP counts in making us a stronger team. And each EWS submitted by our EWS Apprentices had helped Microsoft to identify key problems, discussions, or trends stirring within the community of which we may not be aware of. Therefore, you can be certain that together, we had made a difference to the technical community.


Here is a quick glance at our accomplishments for the past eight months. Our EWS Apprentices had indeed done us proud and grown from strength to strength every month.  As we are about to step into Year 2010, let’s give our last best shot and conclude 2009 with a loud bang!

Where would we be standing next month? It is up to YOU, SEA MVP! Step up to this challenge, and join our record-breaking SEA MVPs in the month of December by submitting your ‘first’ or ‘next’ EWS now!




More about EWS:

Early Warning Signal (EWS) function gives MVPs the ability to ALERT and send Microsoft about potentially broad, hot, high impact, negative customer experiences or any new issues that they see in technical communities. To report a new issue, use the EWS submission form. All new EWS submissions are reviewed by Microsoft within 5 business days, and you will receive a response with outlining actions planned relevant to your submission. You can also view EWS submissions from other MVPs and vote on them.

If you need any assistance on filing an EWS or if you have any queries on the above, please feel free to approach Windy Teo or Lilian Quek  for further assistance. For a glimpse as to who are our current TOP EWS Apprentice up to date, check out the ‘EWS Hall of Fame’ on part 2 of this article.

PS: EWS can be considered as one of MVP’s great contribution to the technical communities and filed in the MVP Member site. This will be used for MVP’s evaluation when a MVP’s award cycle is due for renewal.


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