Singapore’s First Silverlight User Group is Born!

Founded by Singapore Silverlight MVP Michael Sync, the Silverlight User Group was established in January 2010 with 3 objectives in mind:

1. To share our knowledge

2. To help each other

3. To encourage participation and interaction


Currently led by Silverlight MVP Michael Sync and Visual C# MVP Justin Lee, the boys are hoping to recruit more members in this usergroup. They are planning to organize more activities like providing free training, sharing their best practices etc in the upcoming months. 


Quoted by Michael, ‘As I’ve been in Silverlight community for long time, I saw a lot of great people who are contributing in many Silverlight open source projects. I wanted to see local developers in our Silverlight community. I wanted to have a group that we can discuss and share the interesting things that we found during our development. But I didn’t know much people in Singapore so it was a big challenge for me in building Silverlight User group in Singapore.’


For more information, refer to the website and forums


Also, don’t miss out on the Silverlight Usergroup first meetup in February!



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