Announcing our EWS Apprentice for January 2010


My Warmest greetings and best wishes for 2010! 2009 has been a year of great fulfillment from our Southeast Asia MVPs, having topped the Early Warning Signal (EWS) Charts for 7 times (out of 12) over the past 1 year (~58%) which is indeed a great achievement!


As we crossed over to 2010, we look forward to continually engaging the SEA MVP Community. The purpose of the EWS Apprentice Newsletter is to build a common sense of pride amongst the SEA MVPs, and to inspire each and every one of you, our technical communities, to feel that you are making a difference with each EWS submitted which is an important part of the EWS ecosystem. We hope you are inspired to return and contribute any broad, hot, high impact, negative customer experiences or any new issues that you see in the technical communities with Microsoft. Thanks for making a difference to the community!


For the month of January 2010, SEA MVPs have once again topped the EWS Chart with 24 EWS (out of 32) submitted by 10 MVPs. To our dearest Southeast Asia MVPs, we have what it takes to succeed! You have make a difference and thanks for keeping up with the good work!! The stakes have been raised with new contenders emerging – Who will make it to the EWS Hall of Fame for Y2010? Stay tuned!!!


For the full report on our January 2010 EWS Apprentice, click here




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