Announcing our February 2010 Early Warning Signal (EWS) Apprentice

Hello SEA MVPs,


Every time of this month, we take GREAT PRIDE in penning this newsletter as it is a great testimony of the achievements that a small subsidiary like Southeast Asia is capable of! Month after month, we stand in awe of the great results attained, this is made possible only because of each and every of our SEA MVPs who took the effort to file ‘that’ EWS.


For the month of February, our SEA MVPs swung into action and championed the charts once again! Standing at 18 EWSes (90%) submitted in total (out of the 20 EWSes submitted worldwide), nailed it again! (SEA MVP Leads doing the joy of dance)


We saw two new EWS contenders rising up, ASP/ASP.NET MVP Ahmad Masykur from Indonesia and Windows Media MVP Wilson Lee Chua from Philippines, who filed their first EWS. And not forgetting our 6 other long standing EWS contributors who continued to make a difference to the community by filing broad, hot, high impact, negative customer experiences or new issues that they had seen in the technical communities with Microsoft. Thank YOU to all our eager contenders this month! Hold on to the great momentum and keep the great submissions coming in!


They have done their part, what about you? If you have not filed your EWS yet, it is time to step out of the backseat and experience how it feels like to be part of the limelight month after month!


For the full report on our February 2010 EWS Apprentice, click here





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