VS2010 Launch Rocks Hanoi!

On April 13th, 2 Vietnam MVPs delivered 4 sessions at the VS2010 Launch event in Hanoi, Vietnam, reaching out to 400 attendees. The MVP speakers and their topics include:

– ‘SharePoint 2010 programming using Visual Studio 2010’ by SharePoint Server MVP Nguyễn Bá Quang. Ba Quang was also one of the participants for the first CodeCamp and developed Proof Of Concept application for Fast CRM.


– ‘ASP.NET 4.0 in VS2010’, ‘C# 4.0 & PLINQ’ and ‘How to build scalable web application’ by ASP/ASP/NET MVP Nguyễn Quang Bửu. Bửu also created 46 screen cast trainings in Vietnamese on different topics: C# 4.0, ASP.net MVC 2.0 etc. These videos are part of the main content of the Visual Studio 2010 resource kit produced by the Vietnam DPE team which is then distributed to the Vietnam community as references and resources. Read his blog


– ‘Silverlight 4.0 New features’ by Community member Đỗ Hoàng An






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