NGO Connection Days Four-Cities Tour Ends with a blast!


Organized by the Microsoft Community Affairs Team, a one day training event ‘NGO Connection Days’ for nongovernmental organizations (NGOs, also commonly referred to as nonprofit organizations) kicked off in 4 cities in Southeast Asia from April – May..


7 SEA MVPs, MS Colleagues and Community members from the 4 subsidiaries (Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia) volunteered to help conduct some demonstrations on Dynamics, Windows Live and Social Media to the audience, reaching out to ~70-150 attendees per country. The first stop was in Hanoi, Vietnam where local Developer Evangelist Trinh Minh Cuong was the speaker for the Social Media & Online Tools presentation whereas Nguyen Hoang Ha (a potential MVP nominee) conducted the Windows Live and social media demos. Moving on to the Sunny island of Singapore, Virtual Machine MVP Bernard Lai was one of the volunteers who helped to conduct a demonstration on how Windows Live can help NGO collaborate and connect to their committee whereas SharePoint Pros Community Member took on the Dynamics demonstration session.


Following the success of the NGO Connection Days in Vietnam & Singapore (April), the NGO Connection Days continued its impactful maiden journey to Malaysia & Indonesia in May. 3 MVPs (Wei Min Chan, TC Wu & Azra Rizal) from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia conducted some demonstrations on Windows Live and Social Media to the audience which got the attendees asking a lot of questions following the Dynamics Customer Relationship Management presentation and wanted to know how it could benefit their organizations. The four-cities tour ended in Jakarta, Indonesia with 3 MVPs (Arfan Arlanda, Rahmat Zikri & Kiki Noviandi) participating in this meaningful event and reaching out to an amazing crowd of more than 150 participants.



The SEA MVPs involved in this four-cities tour include:



Windows Live Demo

Social Media Demo


Bernard Lai


Wei Min Chan & TC Wu

Azra Rizal  


Arfan Arlanda  & Rahmat Zikri

Kiki Noviandi






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