Announcing our April 2010 Early Warning Signal (EWS) Apprentice

Good-day Southeast Asia MVPs,


April was a victorious month for our SEA EWS Apprentices who scaled yet another higher mountain!


This month, 10 EWS contenders got together and broke our highest record, reaching an all-time high of 31 EWSes (previous highest record for SEA was 29 EWSes). Another astounding statistic to share, we have already surpassed more than 100 EWSes within the first 4 months of 2010. What an incredible feat!


Let us take a moment to appreciate all our great warriors who had stepped up and made SEA MVPs extremely proud this month! We want to say a big sincere ‘Thank Youto all 9 regular EWS apprentices and especially to our new EWS contender, Visual Basic MVP Michael Delgado Corpuz from the Philippines. This victory would not have been possible if not for each and every of the EWS that you had submitted.


Calling out all SEA MVPs, we are in need of more warriors to join us in this winning league of EWS Apprentice. Participate in this great expedition today and make a difference to the community by helping Microsoft to identify key problems, discussions, or trends stirring within the community of which we may not be aware of. Wait no longer and file your ‘first’ or ‘next’ EWS right away! We promise you it would not take you any longer than a coffee break to file your EWS!


As the saying goes, ‘Strong and Steady WINS the Race’ – we look forward to another great victory next month!


For the full report on our April 2010 EWS Apprentice, click here.





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