Malaysia MVPs and ELITE featured in May issue of HWM

In March 2010, 3 Malaysia MVPs from the ELITE (Extraordinary League of IT Experts) community (Azra Azman, Jabez Gan & Sanjay Willie) were among the guest speakers at the Microsoft Windows 7 Campus launch at Lim Kok Wing Creative University at Cyberjaya.


For their great effort, their speaking activity was featured in the May issue of the HardWare Magazine (HWM) – an IT Magazine founded in Y2001, serving the Singapore community and is now South-East Asia’s premier consumer technology title with independent editions in Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia.


The cover page featured MVP Jabez Gan, ELITE Vice President of TechNation showing students how to have fun with Windows 7. The article also talks about the Windows 7 Operating System and the new Windows 7 features. Download the pdf article here





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