Fun with Microsoft Technologies @ University Computer Indonesia (Unikom)!

On May 29th, the Microsoft User Group Indonesia Chapter Bandung was invited to speak at the Microsoft Technology Seminar in University Computer Indonesia (Unikom) @ Bandung West Java Indonesia. Divided into 2 sessions, Indonesia Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVPs), Microsoft Student Partners (MSPs) and MUGI community member spoke at this seminar, reaching out to ~600 lecturers and University students.


The speakers and their sessions include:

– Windows Phone Development – Firstman Marpaung (Windows Phone MVP) 

– Save Your Time With Office 2010 – Aris Lesmana (Office System MVP)

– Visual Studio & .NET Concept – Ronald Rajagukguk (Windows Client Development MVP)

– XNA Game Development – Sieny Apprilia & Arif Widyasa (Former MSP)

– Microsoft Office OneNote 2010 – Luki Iswara (MUGI BAndung Secretary) & Dani R Taufani (MSP)





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