Indonesia MVPs Speak at RICE EXPO 2010

2 Indonesia MVPs were invited by the Regional IT Center of Excellent (RICE) to speak at the RICE EXPO 2010 exhibition and seminar on June 16th.


RICE is a department under the Indonesia Ministry of Industrialization and their main role is to act as a business incubator for IT Companies. The agenda for this Expo is focused on mobile content and was well attended by various medium & small IT Companies in Bandung.


In this Expo, the MVPs (Firstman Marpaung and Andri Yadi) also ran and manned a booth where they showcased photos of their activities and MVP posters to the crowd and help to promote awareness of the MVP Award Program and community. Firstman also spoke on ‘How To Became MVP’ and introduced the Microsoft user Group Indonesia Chapter Bandung to the attendees.


The duo also delivered 2 other sessions on mobile development opportunity and implementation which include:

 ‘Windows Mobile Development Opportunity (MarketPlace)’ by Windows Phone MVP Firstman Marpaung

– ‘ How To Build & Sell Your Mobile Application’ by VSTO MVP Andri Yadi





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