Public release of the new Windows Live Essentials, including Messenger

Many of you have seen the press coverage from our recent Windows Live announcements of Messenger, Hotmail, and Windows Live Essentials.  The new Windows Live has been an effort delivered in partnership with Windows Client, Office, Windows Phone, Bing/MSN, and a host of other teams across the company. It  brings together an experience that spans Messenger (the world’s largest IM service) and Windows (the world’s most popular operating system), combined with Hotmail (the world’s largest email service) and Office (the world’s most popular suite of productivity software).  Earlier this month we began the roll out starting with SkyDrive, Office Web Applications, photos, and web Messenger; as well as the new version of Hotmail.*  The last piece of Wave 4 is Windows Live Essentials, which is available now for download


We’ve designed Essentials to connect your Windows experience to the web services you already use – not just the ones from Microsoft. The new betas of Windows Live Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Mail, Writer, and Messenger connect to photo and video sharing (SkyDrive, Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, SmugMug), social networking (Facebook, MySpace, Linkedin), email (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail), and blogging (Spaces, WordPress, Blogger), as well as Office Web Apps. And the new Windows Live Sync keeps your files synchronized across multiple PCs and in the cloud.  You can even directly access your PC over the web with Sync’s new remote desktop feature. 


Here’s what we’d like you to do:


1.       Install Windows Live Essentials Beta at home and at work.  Windows Live Essentials beta requires Windows Vista or Windows 7, and is available in English, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish or Dutch.  You can download it from can read more about the new features here or watch the video [Note if you are already using a pre-release version you’ll be automatically updated to this release].


2.       Tell your friends and family.  Your recommendation matters and you can help us get the word out, so tell your friends and family about the new release and start using all the great new features! Download at


Thanks in advance for taking the time to try out Wave 4 and helping us ship the best release of Windows Live yet! 


*You may not be able to experience the new Hotmail till 30 Jul as we are in the process of upgrading Hotmail accounts by servers.

*Office web apps integration in South East Asia will only happen later this year.





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