Tech Insights 2010 Kuala Lumpur Demonstrates Strong Camaraderie in MVPs Across the Globe

The highly anticipated 3-day Tech Insights 2010 Kuala Lumpur kicked off with a bang on June 29. One of the largest technical community conferences of the year, this event is led and powered by 18 MVPs from across the globe including Malaysia, Singapore, India and Cananda. Together, these MVPs delivered more than 20 deep dive technical sessions to the 200 attendees present. Several other experts such as Esmaeil Sarabadani, Malaysia’s Microsoft Student Partners Technical Lead and certified MCT also presented engaging sessions at this major technology conference.


Kudos to all MVPs who made this event possible – Malaysia MVPs Ching Leong Poo, Bernard Cheah, Jabez Gan, Chiu Kiang Phua, Ervin Loh, Chan Ming Man, Patrick Yong, Yoong Seng Lai, Wei King Teh, Wei Min Chan, Kwan Thean Keong, Raymond Chou, Yee Jie Ng & Kok Chiann; Singapore MVPs Randy Williams & Darren Sim; India MVP Joy Rathnayake; Canada MVP Edwin Sarmiento

Read more here and view agenda here.




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