Say Yes to MS Certification!

Singapore MVP Sarbjit Singh Gill was nominated by the MS Learning Global Marketing Team to create a video that MS Learning was making on the Value of Certification. Sarbjit was chosen for this video as he has successfully used certification to enhance his career and technical skills. Formerly a UC specialist at British Telecom, Sarbjit is now a Director for Unify2 Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

For this video, Sarbjit and a couple of MCPs (Microsoft Certified Professionals) from around the world were flew to Seattle to put together this video. Like Sarbjit, many of the MCPs have realized and are proof of how valuable Microsoft Certification is for any IT Professionals who are looking in advancing their career and bringing value to their company and team members.

As quoted by MVP Sarbjit Singh Gill, ‘I think just because one is a MVP, does not mean they should not be pursuing Microsoft certification. It is a great way to show the trust, believe in Microsoft products and services. What better way than to be certified in it.

Check out his video here –


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