PDC10 KL takes Malaysia by storm!

Two weeks ago, on October 29 2010, the Malaysian Independent Developers (MIND) Community and Malaysia MVPs (Lee Daqing, Ng Yee Jie, Lim Fun Jin and Kok Chiann) as well as Ng Koh Ping from Microsoft Malaysia , came together to organize a local version of the PDC 10 conference, branded as PDC 10 KL (see us on the map http://www.microsoftpdc.com/Local).

Despite the heavy rain and bad friday night traffic, developers from all around KL met up in PDC 10 KL. Everyone spent the night networking, interacting, discussing and seeing the recorded PDC 10 keynotes together coupled with a fancy meal and awesome prizes (5 MSDN Subscriptions!)


Despite only having a month to plan, market, and organize the whole event, the team behind putting PDC10 KL together, managed to achieve an awesome turnout of 123 attendees (73.21% turnout rate, out of 168 registered)!

Check out their photos on Facebook!



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