Year End Round-Up: 10 Reasons we’ll remember SE Asia MVPs!

Many things happened during the year: the world changed, people evolved, 33 Chilean miners rescued after 69 days trapped underground, North Korea fired artillery shells at South Korea and Mariah Carey turned herself into a foodaholic. Ok, actually not everything seems so unfamiliar. We’re right here always. And there are some things – exactly 10 out of 2010 – that just make SE Asia MVPs UNIQUE.

1. First Windows Azure MVP is Born. Singapore based Indonesia MVP Wely Lau was officially announced as the first MVP in SE Asia to be successfully awarded the Azure MVP expertise. Read more

2. Southeast Asia SharePoint Conference Rocks Singapore. Organized by 3 MVPs (2 from Southeast Asia and 1 from New Zealand) and supported by SE Asia MVPs, more than 500+ attendees turned up at the first Southeast Asia SharePoint Conference held in Singapore. Read more

3. Windows Azure User Group Launches. Founded by Singapore based Indonesia MVP Wely Lau and his colleague Mohamed Faizal, the first Windows Azure User Group in Singapore and SE Asia was officially launched where the duo will conduct a bi-monthly meeting with interested Azure enthusiasts. Let the quest for the cloud begins!

4. PDC Takes Singapore and Malaysia by Storm. The excitement of PDC in the US has created an opportunity by the MVPs and community around the world into a local advocacy event! PDC Singapore and PDC Malaysia

5. SE Asia MVPs are Growing. Just trailing behind the awaken giant (China), SE Asia has the second largest MVP population of 175 (up to date) in the Asia Pacific and Greater China Region (APGC) and we are still growing! What a huge appetite we have!!

6. Champions for EWS! Here’s the scale of our accomplishment. SE Asia MVPs have had another busy year, soldiering on its achievement in Y2009 to become once again the TOP Early Warning Signals (EWS) contributors WW for Y2010 with 311 EWSes submitted up to date! Hey, what’s that noise? Oh, it’s Queen’s ‘We Are The Champions’ played, as we say it, loud.

7. TOP Spot in Imagine Cup Malaysia 2010. Under Malaysia MVP Ngan Seok Chern’s strong mentorship and selfless sharing, he successfully guided his team ‘HDC’ to create their winning creation, "Project Apple", a dietary and nutrition planning system. A double victory, the team stood out from the 1280 students who registered and clinch the TOP spot in the Imagine Cup Malaysia 2010 Final and also bagged the ‘Best Team Presentation’ award. Read more

8. SE Asia MVPs Affair with NGO Connection Days. NGO Connection Days’ are one day training sessions for nongovernmental organizations (NGOs, also commonly referred to as nonprofit organizations) and is organized by the Microsoft Community Affairs Team. NGO Connection Days were successfully conducted in 4 SEA countries (Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia & Vietnam) where MVPs from each of these countries volunteered to help conduct demonstrations focused on Dynamics, Windows Live and Social Media. Read more

9. Strong Advocate for Content Creation/Localization with PQO Team. In collaboration with the Product Quality and Online Engineering (PQO) team since Y2010, MVPs from Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam have stepped up to participate in the monthly Step by Step (SBS) Content Creation and content localization project for their community. As the MVP program continues to expand and enhance Microsoft’s support offerings for the non-English market, MVPs provide a high value-content which is especially beneficial to their community who are not familiar with the English language.

10. SE Asia MVPs participated in MVP Open Day @ MSIDC. 19 SE Asia MVPs gathered at the Microsoft India Development Center (MSIDC) at Hyderabad to welcome and participate in this 3 day invitation only and exclusive event. This was the first time that MVPs from Southeast Asia and Australia/New Zealand were invited to join in this exclusive MVP Open day. Read more. One Sri Lanka MVP’s envision of the ‘Future of the MVP Award Program’ was voted by the MVP Leads as one of the Top 3 most creative video! Read more

And this wraps up Y2010 for SE Asia. What an eventful year this has turned out to be!

Here’s a toast to all SE Asia MVPs and Microsoft DPE/BMO colleagues, wishing all good health, wealth and happiness in the New Year!!




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