EWS Apprentice for Dec 2010 – An Unbelievable Feat by SE Asia MVPs!!!

As 2010 comes to a close, the fact that SE Asia MVPs have managed to submit 311 EWSes in 12 months is fast sinking in. It is only when you take stock of your achievements that you can have a better understanding of what has been accomplished. For your record, SE Asia MVP has had another busy year, soldiering on its achievement in Y2009 to become once again the TOP EWS contributors WW for Y2010! Indeed, this is history in the making!! Thanks to all SE Asia MVPs who helped make this possible . What a great way to end Y2010! UNBELIEVABLE Feat!!!

EWS Highlights for Y2010:

– Since Y2010, 32 SEA MVPs filed a total of 311 EWSes via MS Connect Services
– The highest number of EWSes filed was in the month of July with 39 EWSes by 14 SEA MVPs
– SEA MVPs TOPPED the WW EWS chart for 12 consecutive months! This is AWESOME!!!
– SEA MVPs TOPPED the WW EWS Chart for Y2009 and Y2010 with the most number of EWSes submitted WW!!!
TOP 3 EWS Contributors for Y2010
EWS Apprentice Report for December 2010
Happy Holidays MVPs!

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