Learn Microsoft Office in 3 Hours!

January 20th, 2011. Do you want to learn Microsoft Office in 3 hours? Then, you must get this book written by Indonesia Office System MVP Aris Lesmana. This book contains 315 pages, divided into 27 chapters and talks about 3 main applications of Microsoft Office family widely used by computer users today, namely (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), a good read and guide for beginners.

The material are presented with lots of illustrations and readers will also learn how to utilize general shortcut in Microsoft Office to help them learn more easily and work faster. The lab files are included in the CD. And as a bonus, the readers will also find several case studies presented in screencast inside the CD. Read more (in Bahasa)



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  1. […] I write articles too for several computer magazines in Indonesia, and already published 2 books about Microsoft Office titled ”Buku Pintar Microsoft Word (EN: Microsoft Word Smart Book)” and ”3 Jam Mahir Microsoft Office (EN: Learn Microsoft Office in 3 Hours)”. […]

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