Upcoming Offers from MS Press Books!

Here’s some new offers from Microsoft Press Books in the market that your community can take advantage of!
Feel free to share it with your community.

Save 50% Best of Ebook Deal of the Day – Microsoft Press Top 25 of 2010
For one day only, you can save 50% on the best of "Ebook Deal of the Day" titles from Microsoft Press – the top 25 of 2010. Use discount code DDM25 in the oreilly.com shopping cart.

Programming Windows Identity Foundation

Programming Windows Identity Foundation is [Figuratively] on Fire!
Check out the great reviews for Programming Windows Identity Foundation, by Vittorio Bertocci. and his recent blog post, Programming Windows Identity Foundation is [Figuratively] on Fire!, summarizing the great reviews.

Programming Windows Identity Foundation

Excerpt from Upcoming Title: Programming Microsoft ASP.NET 4
Sharing an excerpt from one of our upcoming books: Programming Microsoft ASP.NET 4 by Dino Esposito. This book will be published in March 2011. In this excerpt from Chapter 5, Anatomy of an ASP.Net Page, the author describes how an HTTP request for an .aspx resource is mapped to a page object.



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