5 Philippines MVPs Featured in MSDN and TechNet Flash Newsletters!

If you have subscribed to Philippines MSDN and TechNet Flash Newsletters, then be sure to see some familiar faces as 5 of our Philippines MVPs (Eduardo Jr.Zabat Lorenzo, Elczar Pelarta Adame, Eufer Lebii Pasion, Jay-R Barrios, Chester Clado Coronel) are being featured in the March Issue of MSDN and TechNet Flash, sharing some of their blog articles on SharePoint 2010, Windows 7, Windows Explorer, Lightswitch and Office 2010!

Their blog links:
Lightswitch Demo Application by Eduardo Jr.Zabat Lorenzo
SharePoint 2010 and TFS 2010 Integration by Elczar Pelarta Adame
Search the Cloud using your Windows Explorer through Federated Search by Eufer Lebii Pasion
Windows 7 SP1 through Windows Update by Jay-R Barrios
SharePoint 2010 and Reporting Services Integration by Elczar Pelarta Adame
Make Office 2010 Work the Way You Want by Chester Clado Coronel




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