The Power of Microsoft Access

June 5th, 2011. Organized by RumahAccess Indonesia, sponsored by Elex Media Komputindo (publisher) and supported by Microsoft Indonesia, PT DayTrans, and AccessWeb, Indonesia Access MVP Haer Talib led a one-day seminar ‘The Power of Microsoft Access’ at Gramedia Bookstore Matraman, Jakarta.

The speakers and sessions include:

  • Soffyan Effendy – Access to Excel (Data Interchange)
  • Edy Wiyono – Access to MySQL
  • Adi Atmanto – SMS Gateway using the Access
  • Sudarsono – Emailing using Access
  • Haer Talib (Access MVP, Host) – Using Access 2010 New Features
  • Lusky Kurniawan – Hacking Access (Access Security)
  • Aksan Kurdin – Dr. Access (Case Analysis and Solution)

The event reached out to more than 90 people who came from MS Access Indonesian Community and the general public. Read more



One Response to “The Power of Microsoft Access”
  1. Distributor Kopi Limmit says:

    mantab sekali pak, kok selama ini jarang kedengaran ya Ms. Access…

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