Publication of 5th batch of Community Localization (in Bahasa)

In collaboration with the ECO team (Amanda Song) and taking place on a monthly initiative, 8 Indonesia MVPs volunteered to help work and translate Knowledge Base (KB) articles from English to Bahasa via BEMIS tool. A total of 8 KB articles were successfully published by the ECO team. Once again, special thanks to the Indonesia MVPs for their great support to this project!

The MVPs and their articles for the 5th batch include:

MVP Name KBID Content Title
Firstman Marpaung 929833 How to use the System File Checker tool to troubleshoot missing or corrupted system files on Windows Vista or on Windows 7
Riwut Libinuko 979665 Error message in Mshtml.dll occurs when you use Windows Internet Explorer 8 on a computer that is running Windows 7: “Event ID: 1000”
Raymond Engelbert 2485531 Microsoft Outlook 2007 may experience Send/Receive or performance issues after a recent update has been installed on the computer
Rahmat Zikri 287532 How to configure Internet e-mail accounts in Outlook
Aris Lesmana 822005 How to reset user options and registry settings in Word
Ferry Meidianto 2520397 How to fix the Shopping Reports add-on and Internet Explorer 9 incompatibility
Aprizon Nozyra 291602 How to upgrade from Outlook Express to Outlook 2010, to Outlook 2007, to Outlook 2003, or to Outlook 2002
Haer Talib 982995 A new application window opens when you try to view an Office 2010 document in Internet Explorer 7 or in Internet Explorer 8




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