TechNet Wiki Advocacy: 5 Sri Lanka MVPs successfully kicked off first batch of TechNet Wiki articles in Sinhala language

In collaboration with International lead Tiffena Kou, 5 Sri Lanka MVPs volunteered and were engaged to contribute to writing content in their local language for TechNet Wiki. A total of 5 articles in Sinhala language were successfully written by Sri Lanka MVPs for the month of August. The MVPs and their articles include:

MVP Topic
Office System MVP
Pradeep Kavinda Kotuwegedara
Office 2010 Macro Feature (How to write and run a macro)
Exchange Server MVP
Padman De Silva
How to Activate Message Priority queuing in Exchange Server 2010
XNA/Direct X MVP
Uditha Bandara,
Microsoft XNA
SQL Server MVP
Dinesh Asanka
Why we need full time dbas?
Fiqri Ismail
What you need to know about MVC




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