Catch the 3 Philippines MVPs in action on Windows 7 Deployment Series Event starting September 2nd, 2011

Organized by Philippine Windows Users Group (PHIWUG), the Windows 7 Deployment Series event will be held in Manila in September 2011. 3 Philippines MVPs (Jay Paloma, Jay-R Barrios and John Delizo) aka The Three J’s Musketeers who were former and current PHIWUG presidents will take the stage and present a 3-part series on Windows 7 Deployment. Register for event

Windows 7 Deployment Essentials (Level 200)
Microsoft Support for Windows Vista SP1 will end on July 2011, and Windows XP Extended Support will end on April 2014. All the more that enterprises would want to deploy Windows 7, and there is currently real demand for Windows 7 deployment technical expertise. Learn from three PHIWUG presidents what you need to know about Windows 7 Deployment that you can use as leverage in working in your organization or applying for a job. Remember that whatever these three MVP’s will share here are REAL WORLD experiences in their actual jobs, so you would not want to miss this.

Part 1: Jay Paloma
Date: September 2
Application Compatibility – common issues and tools
Creating and Managing the Windows 7 Image with WAIK, MDT and DISM
Deploying Windows 7 using MDT Lite Touch Method – basics

Part 2: Jay-R Barrios
Date: TBA
Migrating User Files and Settings using USMT
Deploying Windows 7 using SCCM Zero Touch Method

Part 3: John Delizo
Date: TBA
Deploying Windows 7 using Windows Deployment Services



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