MIND SpeedUpdate Rock Up the House in KLCC, Malaysia

Sep 10th, 2011. Organized by the MVPs from the MIND Community (Daqing Lee, Ng Yee Jie and Kok Chiann), the MIND SpeedUpdate kicked off on a Saturday, with ~38 developers (out of 49 who signed up) turned up and rock up the house at Microsoft Malaysia, KLCC.

Malaysia MVPs and some new community leaders came forward to volunteer and present at this event and they include:
– Client App Dev MVP Ng Yee Jie on "WPF and Surface 2.0"
Riza Marhaban on "Parallel Programming in C#"
Hamid Jabarpour Fard on "Nested Custom Controls in Windows Apps"
Serena Yeoh on "A Lap Around Layered Architecture Solution Guidance"

There was also a mini developer MVP reunion during the meet up with Developer Security MVP Walter Wong and Visual C# MVP Chan Ming Man (who came all the way from Penang).

More information | Photos



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