In-depth sharing from Philippines MVPs at PHISSUG Tech Talk!

Oct 4th, 2011. Organized by Philippine SQL Server Users Group (PHISSUG), 2 Philippines MVPs (Glenn Gamboa and Michael Corpuz) together with Romeliz "bon" Valenciano Jr from KGB Philippines, came forward to speak and share their knowledge on SQL Server with the community members. Their topic and sessions are:

  • "What’s for Developers in Denali" by SQL Server MVP Glenn Gamboa
    If you are a developer, you can find out in this session what is cooking in the next major version of Microsoft SQL Server codenamed "Denali"
  • "It’s all about the Execution" by Romeliz "bon" Valenciano Jr., Database Developer, KGB Philippines
    Get a glimpse on how your lovely T-SQL is interpreted by the Query Engine via the Execution Plan. Session covers how to generate the different execution plans and how to read it.
  • "Taking it to the Cloud" by SQL Azure MVP Michael Corpuz
    What it takes, and what to consider in deciding on moving a solution to SQL Azure

The meeting reached out to ~28 attendees.

If you are interested to meet and share on SQL Server with fellow pinoy enthusiasts, check out the Philippine SQL Server Users Group (PHISSUG).



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