ECO Advocacy: 3 Thailand MVPs contribute to 2nd batch of content creation initiative

In collaboration with the ECO (Engineering, Community and Online) team (Jeong Won Oh) and taking place on a bi-monthly initiative, 3 Thailand MVPs volunteered and contributed to the content creation project where they create content in Thai via BEMIS tool.

A total of 3 articles were successfully written and published by the MVPs:

MVP KB Article
Developer Security MVP
Patpong Buparat
KB 2592370: การป้องกันการติดตามเมื่อคุณท่องเว็บ [Step by Step]
Management Infrastructure MVP
Suttipan Passorn
KB 2620004: การใช้งาน GlobalNames Zone บน Windows Server 2008 [Step by Step]
Rames Gantanant
KB 2612963: Report Viewer Printing Error Loading Resource Library [Step by Step]



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