19 MVPs Wow over 400 attendees at Southeast Asia SharePoint Conference!

imageNov 8th – 9th, 2011. Organized by the Community (Steve Sofian, Randy Williams, Debbie Ireland and Milan Gross) FOR the Community, the Southeast Asia SharePoint Conference took place at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel in Singapore, reaching out to over 400 attendees.

12 MVPs (of which 4 SEA MVPs – Steve Sofian, Tian-An Tan, Patrick Yong, Joy Rathnayake) came forward and supported the event as speakers. Their sessions include:

Country MVP Session
Singapore SharePoint Server MVP Steve Sofian Spicing Up Web Parts
Singapore Office System MVP
Tian-An Tan
InfoPath 2010 Online and Offline
Malaysia SharePoint Server MVP Patrick Yong Sandbox Development for Office 365
Team Development and ALM for SharePoint projects
Sri Lanka SharePoint Server MVP Joy Rathnayake – Deep Dive on Business Connectivity Services
Virtusa – Internet sites
New Zealand SharePoint Server MVP
Debbie Ireland
Work Smarter, Not Harder! Top Ten Tips for Improving Productivity with SharePoint
Visualising data and bringing business processes to life with Visio Services
Australia SharePoint Server MVP
Ishai Sagi
Introduction to SharePoint Development
SharePoint Custom Field Types Development
Lessons learned in the past 10 years of utilizing SharePoint
Australia SharePoint Server MVP
Mark Rhodes
Understanding, Deploying and Configuring the User Profile Service
– Administering SharePoint 2010 with PowerShell
– SharePoint 2010 Performance and Health Monitoring
United States SharePoint Server MVP
Zlatan Dzinic
Project Crescent and SharePoint 2010
United States SharePoint Server MVP
Michael Noel
Collaborating with Extranet Partners on SharePoint 2010
Building the Perfect SharePoint 2010 Farm: Real World Best Practices from the Field

This is me; Is that you? Identity Management in SharePoint 2010

United States SharePoint Server MVP
Randy Williams
– Keynote: Tales from the Field: Your Checklist for Successful SharePoint Governance

Developers and IT Pros Living Together
Upgrading and Migration Lessons from the trenches

Hungary SharePoint Server MVP
Agnes Molnar
Information Architecture and Enterprise Search: Better Together
Best Practices for Organizing Documents in SharePoint 2010
Sweden SharePoint Server MVP
Wictor Wilen
Mastering customizations of the SharePoint 2010 Ribbon menu
Enhancing Office 365/SharePoint Online using Windows Azure

The Singapore MVPs (Alvin Lau, Triston Wan, David Lim, Michael Sync, Justin Lee, Wely Lau) together with several Singapore User Group Leaders and community members showed their support to this event by volunteering their time to manage the SEA User Group Booth to promote the local user groups as well as inviting others to join their community. Vietnam SharePoint MVP Nguyen Ngoc Thuan was also at the Conference as attendee. Kudos to all Southeast Asia MVPs who are involved in this event in one way or another!




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