6 Malaysia MVPs Wow more than 100 attendees at Security Black Belt Day!

Nov 3rd, 2011. TechDays Malaysia officially had its very first event of the year – the Security BlackBelt Day which was held at Microsoft Malaysia Auditorium, KLCC, reaching out to more than 100 attendees. 5 Malaysia MVPs (Ervin Loh, Chiu Kiang Phua, Azra Rizal, Sanjay Willie, Walter Wong) were among the many other Microsoft and Industry experts who came forward as speakers to share their knowledge and expertise on Security with others. ASP.NET/IIS MVP Ngan Seok Chern also helped out as photographer for the event. MVP sessions include:

MVP Session
Enterprise Security MVP
Sanjay Willie
Cloud Security
Visual Studio ALM MVP
Ervin Loh
Implementing Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) Strategies
Developer Security MVP
Walter Wong
Application Identity
Consumer Security MVP
Azra Rizal
Browser Security
SQL Server MVP
Chiu Kiang Phua
SQL Server Database Security

Download event application for WP7




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