In Memory of Word MVP Shauna Kelly

Tribute to Australia Word MVP Shauna Kelly who passed away in November.

Below is a message to share with all SEA MVPs from the Australia CPM.

For the many MVPs who knew our admired & respected Word MVP Shauna Kelly, who passed away in November, you may be interested to learn about the founding of the Shauna Kelly Library in Johannesburg, South Africa. If you didn’t know Shauna, you can still learn about Word from her website

The note from Shauna’s sister is below:

Shauna left an enormous library and her sister informed me and many of her friends of the founding of The Shauna Kelly Library in Johannesburg South Africa, a country which she visited many times. It took a long time to decide what to do with the books, as Shauna’s library was really extensive with some magnificent, rare and expensive books.

Her family already has volunteers, a venue, shelving and South African Airways donating the cartage!

Even one or two books is a big deal in South Africa! However, a small library like this will be treasured forever, whereas if we sold or donated the items locally it would never have had the true impact it will have over there, for years to come!

I do hope you can spread the word. I know she would have loved her precious books being protected in this way!




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