Malaysia MVP recognized as one of the Top Advisory Council Contributors

The Developer Guidance Advisory Council kicked off in April, 2011 and inputs were requested from the council members on over 20 projects. As the timing to provide feedback for these projects was significant and not every council members has had the same number of projects presented to them, however there are a few members that consistently provide feedback on every project they are invited to participate in.

Malaysia MVP Chan Ming Man was one of the few council members who have contributed a significant amount of feedback over the past year and was chosen among the following ten council members to receive the Top Advisory Council Contributors certificate:

This activity was also highlighted in the DG Advisory Council Quarterly Newsletter which is intended to keep members of the Advisory Council up-to-date with the current and upcoming survey projects.

Srđan Božović

Paulo Morgado

Carlos dos Santos

Mitchel Sellers

Raffaele Rialdi

Ming Man Chan

Alberto Poblacion

Paul Glavich

Michael Wood

Michael McLaughlin

Kudos to Ming Man for making us proud!




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