MVPs spread their Love for Technology to Non-Profit Organizations

March 14th, 2012. Organized by Microsoft Philippines Community Affairs Team, 3 Philippines MVPs (Jojo Ayson, Eufer Lebii Pasion and John Erwin Magno) were invited to speak at the ‘Microsoft Philippines’ NGO Connection Day’, held at Makati City, Philippines. This event benefited 120 attendees.

MVP Session
Windows Expert IT Pro MVP
Jojo Ayson
Workshop: Digital Storytelling

Explore digital storytelling and its potential to engage and inspire audiences, celebrate achievement, and add value for funders & stakeholders. Learn some simple steps towards good storytelling, check out some great examples of digital storytelling in action, and learn the ‘how to’ with two free tools – Windows Live Movie Maker & Photo Gallery.

Windows Expert Consumer MVP
Eufer Lebii Pasion
Demo on Windows Live Essentials, Movie Maker and Picture Gallery

In this session, Eufer taught the attendees how to utilize FREE software such as Windows Live Photo Gallery and Movie Maker to make a good and compelling Digital Story. This in turn helps them to advertise their respective NGOs (what they do and what are their goals) to reach more people who share their dreams and aspirations by publishing their story in the cloud.

PowerPoint MVP
John Erwin Magno
Workshop: Going Deep on Useful Office 2010 Features

Creating professional documentation, making sense of data about your beneficiaries, delivering compelling presentations to donors and then sharing them – these are only a few of the challenges you face every day. Learn about the new features in Office 2010 that help you with all these issues.

More photos
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Thanks you MVPs for sharing your knowledge and love for Microsoft technologies with non-profit organizations!



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