Thailand Windows 8 Camps – Be the first to Develop Apps on Windows 8

Organized by Microsoft Thailand, the Windows 8 Camps were held at 2 locations – ChiangMai University, ChiangMai on Mar 16th – 18th, 2012 and Kasetsart University, Bangkok on Mar 23rd – 25th, 2012.

Thailand ASP.NET/IIS MVP Supote Phunsakul was the only MVP invited, among other Microsoft speakers to speak at the event. There were ~250-300 attendees per event.

The speakers and sessions covered:

Speakers Sessions


  • The Windows 8 Platform for Metro style app
  • Designing Apps with Metro Principles and Personality
  • Everything web developers must know to build Metro style apps
  • Metro Style Apps with XAML: What You Need to Know
  • Building Windows 8 Metro Style UI with Built-In Controls
  • Integrating the Windows 8 Experience with Contracts
  • Bring Your Apps to Life with Tile and Notifications
  • How and when Metro style apps run
  • Building Metro style apps that take advantage of modern hardware
  • The Developer Opportunity: Introducing the Windows Store
  • Contoso recipes hands-on-labs series

Event Website




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