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Programming Windows, 6th Edition

Celebrate Windows Programming – Will be $50, Now $10
Reimagined for full-screen and touch-optimized apps, Windows 8 provides a platform for reaching new users in new ways. In response, programming legend Charles Petzold is rewriting his classic Programming Windows—one of the most popular programming books of all time—to show developers how to use existing skills and tools to build Windows 8 apps.
If you purchase the Consumer Preview ebook for Programming Windows, 6th Edition before May 31, you will receive it, the Release Preview ebook when released, and the final ebook when released, all for $10. Learn more

Free Sampler

Free Book Samplers
Check out our new PDF book samplers:
· Architecting Mobile Solutions for the Enterprise
· Working with Microsoft Office 365: Running Your Small Business in the Cloud
· Inside Windows Debugging

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Joseph Davies

Free Webcasts: Meet Experts Online
IPv6 Address Autoconfiguration and DHCPv6
Wednesday, June 6, 2012 @ 10AM PT San Francisco
Presented by: Joseph Davies
In this webcast, Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) expert Joe Davies describes and demonstrates the various way that you can configure IPv6 addresses and configuration settings with a focus on the relevant and useful combinations.
Register Now for Free

More upcoming webcasts:
· Managing Family Safety in Windows 7
· C++ AMP
Check out our Webcast page for on-demand videos of past webcasts and more upcoming live events.

Eric Boyd

From the MVPs: Giving back to the technical community
Here’s the 8th post in our series of guest posts by Microsoft Most Valued Professionals (MVPs). This post is by Eric Boyd, who became a Windows Azure MVP in April 2012. Thanks, Eric!

Previous posts by Microsoft Most Valued Professionals:
· Meet the "Paulovich Brothers"!
· The path to my first Microsoft MVP award
· A GUI for Extended Events in SQL Server 2012

Windows Internals, Part 1, Sixth Edition An interview with the two editors of the Microsoft Manual of Style
An interview related to the creation of the recently published Microsoft Manual of Style, Fourth Edition, appears in the April-May 2012 newsletter of the Puget Sound Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication (STC). It is reprinted here with the kind permission of the article’s author, David Kowalsky, who is also a member of the chapter’s Editorial Board. Thanks, David.
Free ebooks: Great content from Microsoft Press that won't cost you a penny

Free ebooks: Great content from Microsoft Press that won’t cost you a penny

Many of our free ebooks are offered in three formats – PDF, Mobi (Kindle) and epub.

See them here

A Deeper Dive into the Page Flip in Canvas/HTML5

A Deeper Dive into the Page Flip in Canvas/HTML5

Handling Touch Inputs Across Device Browers
Here is the link to the awesome blog post by the IETeam on handling touch and mouse inputs across browsers.

Getting All the Page Flip Code
Here is a download of all the files that make up the PageFlip as well as all of the math studies leading up to it.

Original Post with Walkthrough
The walkthrough of the trigonometry can still be found on the original post here



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