FUN with Office 2010 in Bandung

Microsoft Office 2010 offers flexible and powerful new ways to deliver your best work—at the office, at home, or at school. On top of that, it offers innovative and flexible ways to bring people together and opens up a world of design options to help you express your ideas with more impact. What a great way to have ‘Fun with Office 2010’ and this is exactly what 2 Indonesia MVPs did on June 16th as they shared their knowledge and passion for Office 2010 with ~620 college students and Office information workers at the National IT Seminar event themed ‘Fun with Office 2010’ in Bandung.

Organized by HIMA Universitas Komputer (Unikom) and Tabloid PCplus, Indonesia MVPs (Aris Lesmana and Raddini Gusti Rahayu) were invited to speak on the features and benefits of Office 2010. Aris spoke on ‘Processing Document in Word 2010’ whereas Raddini presented on ‘Custom Animation in PowerPoint 2010’.

Aris said, “Through this event, the attendees become more aware about the many useful and amazing features in Word 2010 and how it can help to speed up their work/activity related to document processing. Many of the attendees also realized that they were unable to find Word 2010’s amazing features in any other word processing apps. For the community, many of the community members now want to start using and learning Word 2010 more than before.”

To download

– Aris’s slides and video  with 45 views as of June 17.

– Raddini’s slides and video with 2,296,599 views as of December 2011




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