Tag Team MVP ‘Interacts with Windows Kinect’ at Multimedia University Event


Kinect has changed the way people play games and experience entertainment. Kinect for Windows offers the potential to transform how people interact with computers and Windows-embedded devices in multiple industries, including education, healthcare, retail, transportation, and beyond.

Invited as guest speakers to the Multimedia University Engineering Society Overseas Research Program (MESCORP X), the tag team comprising of Malaysia MVPs Chan Ming Man and Yee Jie Ng spoke and demo on ‘Interacting with Windows Kinect’ at this 1 day event. The duo shared how Kinect for Windows can transform the way people interact with technology and help unlock the possibilities, reaching out to 50 attendees comprising of students, lecturers and working professional.

Through this event, the attendees got to know Kinect better for example, what Kinect can do and what problems it can help to solve,” said Ming Man.  Shared by YeeJie, “The presentation of Kinect spurs interests among the students in exploring .net technologies beyond just a platform for Windows and Web application development, but also as a strong platform for robotic and NUI (natural user interface) development.”



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