Sri Lanka MVP Opens the World on ‘XNA Game Development for Beginners’

Currently in the market, there are only a few books on Microsoft game development technologies. Sri Lanka XNA/Direct X MVP Uditha Bandara decided to write a book on ‘XNA Game Development’ to address the many queries and concerns on XNA Game Development for beginners. Visit Uditha’s profile in Amazon.

This 74 page book titledXNA Game Development for Beginners (Vol.1) provides a step by step guide focusing on XNA 2D/3D graphics, input, audio and UI development techniques.

The content includes:

– Introduction
– Creating your first Hello World game
– 2D Graphics in XNA
– Keyboard and Mouse user Input
– Menu UI system in XNA
– Audio handling for games
– 3D graphics in XNA

His book was published in Amazon and ~5000-10000 copies of sales are expected from this publication.

This book will create great opportunities for many to learn Microsoft game development technologies and is especially catered for students, developers and enthusiasts.This book will be another must have guide book for XNA game developers!” exclaimed Uditha.




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