10 Year Roller-Coaster Ride in IT Industry: MVP Shares his Passion for Microsoft Technologies at 2012 International IT Boot Camp

Schools and varsities have long placed Information Technology as a subject of importance in their curriculum. Apart from learning about it from textbooks, it is also important for students to understand how IT is applied in real life industry situations.

The Monash University School of IT students kicked off the 2012 International IT Boot Camp on July 7th – 8th, 2012, held at Monash University’s Sunway campus, which feature a number of interactive workshops, talks, computer games, displays and exhibitions over a weekend. Several IT industry partners including the Multimedia Development Corporation were invited speakers at the event to stimulate interest, increase knowledge and competency in information technology among participants to higher education study options and possible future careers.

One of the workshop Ready for Windows 8 (interactive) workshop featured Malaysia Developer Security MVP Walter Wong who deliver 2 sessions of presenation in a day, where he takes 100 participants on a Lap Around Windows 8 – Microsoft’s soon-to-be-released new operating system and some of the exciting stints he did with software companies such as Microsoft and Gain Secure throughout his 10 years of experience in IT industry.

Walter said: “The presentation was divided into 2 sections: Career Talk and Introduction to Windows 8. In the first presentation, I shared on my career for the past 10 years and how I invested my time and resources into Microsoft platform and the returns I gained from it. The second presentation was to introduce the next generation Operating System to the college and secondary school students.”

Besides Walter, the Microsoft Student Partners (MSPs) also delivered a Windows Phone workshop.

Dr Wong Chek Yoon from Monash University was very pleased with the sessions, “Many thanks to Microsoft, MSP team and MVP (Walter Wong) – we have very good sessions today to build mindshare on Windows 8 and Windows Phone.”

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