Jumpstarts into Office 365 and Windows 8 HTML/JavaScript Apps with Rene Modery

SharePoint Saturday India is a free, educational, informative, & lively day filled with sessions from respected SharePoint professionals & MVPs who are willing to share their great experience with Indians.

Such events are greatly applauded in the community and for the Year 2012 online edition of SharePoint Saturday India, it was held on August 4th, 2012, delivered via Lync. SharePoint Saturday India Online 2012 attracted 16 speakers who are SharePoint professionals and MVPs to deliver 17 speaking sessions, one of which was our Singapore Office 365 MVP Rene Dominik Modery who talked about his experience and thoughts on Connecting Office 365 and Windows 8 HTML/JavaScript Apps.  His session was attended by 15 participants, and Rene guides the  attendees through the steps to develop Windows 8 apps that connect with Office 365.

Generally, I helped to increase awareness about Windows 8 apps, Office 365, and how the two of them can work together. For the attendees, I  gave them insights into the issues that one faces when developing Windows 8 apps that should connect to Office 365 in some way, how to resolve them, and how to get started with development.” quipped MVP Rene as he shares the impact of his session to Microsoft and the attendees.

He also received some questions from the attendees, after the presentation was over and helped to answer them via email.

Read more | Download Slides, Code | Event URL




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