Follow MVP Thuan’s Blog on his First Series of SharePoint 2013 Social Features

Sharing expert knowledge with the community, is one of the key point that sets our MVPs apart as recognized leaders in their field of technology and community. For Vietnam SharePoint Server MVP Nguyen Ngoc Thuan, he has many awesome topics he would love to share with the community. To begin with, he is writing his first complete series of blog posts on SharePoint 2013, as it is a hot topic in the SharePoint community over the world.

In this series, he introduces new features in SharePoint 2013 social, each written in best-practices/real-world scenarios rather than the kind of introduction style. Thuan wrote these posts with the following objectives:

  • Help readers get an understanding of SharePoint 2013 social features
  • Help organizations build their own private social network based on SharePoint 2013 Preview from scratch based on my experiences and thoughts learned from US customers

Read his blog posts:

Follow his blog to know more about SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2012 is one of the biggest worldwide SharePoint Conference hosted by Microsoft, and it will be held at Las Vegas, Nevada on November 12-15, 2012. There are lots of SharePoint international experts attending this event, so if you are keen, register now.



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