Indonesia MVP Publishes 9 Chapter Series Book on ‘MongoDB for C#’

MongoDB (from “humongous”) is a scalable, high-performance, open source NoSQL database. This book (English Language version) was written by Indonesia C# MVP Agus Kurniawan tohelp anyone who wants to learn MongoDB programming using C#. It describes all the elements of the language and illustrates their use with code examples. The book will also be released for desktop platform via Lulu Publisher within the next few days.

Shared Agus, The Microsoft community can leverage their activities to another technology especially about MongoDB programming using C#. As you know Microsoft and 10gen (MongoDB creator) have already worked together and you can see it on Microsoft Windows Azure. For further information about MongoDB, you can visit “

Check out his 9 chapter series ‘MongoDB for C# (Kindle edition)

The topics covered in this book:
* Development Environment
* Connecting to MongoDB
* Create and Delete Database
* Create, Read and Delete Database Collection
* Create, Read, Update and Delete Collection Data
* Finding and Querying Data
* Binary and Image Collection Data
* Embedded Document



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