Malaysia MVP Wins Hands Down in Windows 8 Style UI Template Challenge

Microsoft is heading into the most exciting phase of the company’s history with Windows 8, Windows Reimagined.  This is such a historic moment for the company as this will be a massive game changer for the industry, the partners, the customers and most of all, to each individual.  The potential is huge and the company is readying herself to embrace the opportunities out there.

In May 2012, Community Program Manager Lilian Quek worked alongside with DPE APAC Academia Lead and Technical Evangelist for Windows Phone Vincent Quah to help drive the Windows 8 Style UI Template Challenge, which was introduced to all APGC Expression Blend and Silverlight MVPs. This was a new one-off opportunity for MVPs to collaborate with Microsoft to help create new and innovative Windows 8 Style UI designs and templates, animation elements and components, backgrounds, etc. that will be part of a huge library of resources that can be tapped by developers from all over Asia to accelerate their Windows 8 apps development.  MVPs contributions will be made available on CodePlex so that all their contributions can be downloaded and shared. The intent is to make these resources available to as many people as possible. 

KC.jpgOut of the 9 APGC Expression Blend and Silverlight MVPs who have signed up for this challenge, the judges received only one submission from Malaysia Expression Blend MVP Kok Chiann within the 31st July deadline.  Although they only had one submission, the judges felt that Kok Chiann did an amazing job and his work has met a quality bar that the judges were comfortable with.  “We were certainly more impressed with the quality and hence the willingness to award Kok Chiann the prize” said Vincent.

MVP Kok Chiann was announced as the WINNER for this challenge and will be receiving a Samsung slate along with a specially designed MVP jacket and 8GB Thumbdrive from the team. 

To view Kok Chiann’s template submission, click on the following:

1. Mall App –, 462 downloads
2. Movie App –, 305 downloads
3. Reader App –, 249 downloads



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