Nurturing Community Bonds in Vietnam!

Vietnam MVPs were honored to be invited to two roundtable sessions on August 22nd in Hanoi and August 28th in HCMC.

Hosted by the Microsoft Vietnam DPE Team (DPE Lead Francis Tuan Anh Nguyen and DE Toan Huynh), this informal gathering saw the local office and Vietnam MVPs engaging in Windows 8 discussions and updates on MVP speaking opportunities events in Vietnam in the upcoming months, where the local office hope MVPs can help to evangelize Microsoft platforms to the masses.

Some feedback/comments gathered from the MVPs:

– They like the informal gathering once a month/quarterly to update them about upcoming events at Microsoft. For example, during this event, the local office shared upcoming Windows 8 development trainings, Worldwide Win8 Hackathon, and Imagine Cup. They also solicited their help as proctors at the WWH, and as judges/advisors for the Imagine Cup.

– MVPs felt that Microsoft will have an important year with the refresh of almost all Microsoft products and they believe that Microsoft’s success will lie in the adoption of these products.

The MVP roundtable session is an important gathering for the local office to update and engage MVPs on Microsoft latest events and to seek feedback and suggestions from the community on how to make things better.

The local office would like to thank the following MVPs (Dung Hoang Le, Le Ngoc Ky Phong, Nguyen Ngoc Thuan, Triet Tran Minh, Phuoc Hong Pham, Than Ba Hung and Thinh Chong Huynh) for attending this roundtable and making the effort to share their suggestions with Microsoft!




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