Philippines MVP Opens the Community to Visual Studio ALM at TechTalk

TechTalk is one of a series of events designed to help develop the technology skills of our community. Organized by, sponsored by Microsoft Philippines, the TechTalk: Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 ALM was held on Aug 11th, 2012 at Cedfit, Cebu City, Philippines, open to all Developers and Project Managers who are interested in getting an overview on how Microsoft Visual Studio can support them in building software. 

In this session, MVP Warren Yu was the lead speaker where he provided a broad overview on how Microsoft Visual Studio can support developers in building software. Topics covered include:

  1. Use Team Foundation Server to track and monitor your team’s progress.
  2. Create screen prototypes using PowerPoint with the Visual Studio add-ins.
  3. Improve developer productivity with improved features in Visual Studio
  4. Manage your manual tests with Visual Studio Test Manager and finally,
  5. Jump starting your ALM journey with TFS Express or TFS Preview

β€œThe attendees got first hand look of the useful features of Visual Studio 2012. It provided a good impression on Microsoft’s ability to build very rich toolsets.” quipped Warren as he talked about the session impact on Microsoft and attendees.

His session was well-received by the 37 attendees and he scored a very high speaker ratings of 4 out of 5. Bravo! This is clearly supported by the feedbacks from the attendees:

"It was good and informative."

"Warren’s talk had a good balance of technical content and developer-dilbert-like-humor πŸ˜€ Warren did his best to accommodate both the more experienced and junior developers in the audience. If I was decision maker and with ample budget, I would’ve authorized the widespread use of Visual Studio 2012 or replace our rally subscription with TFS (and that’s coming from someone who not really into Microsoft solutions, and is more OS-agnostic)."

Event URL | Download slides



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