T-SQL Teaser and Lightning Talks on “Anything-SQL”at SS SLUG


SQL Server Sri Lanka User Group (SSLUG) was held on August 15, 2012 at Pearson Lanka. During this community meet-up discussion, the SQLServerUniverse.com has  launched a monthly teaser called the T-SQL teaser where a T-SQL problem is published on their website, inviting the community members to mail in their answers. The best answer will be chosen by MVP Prithiviraj Kulasingham and announced at the monthly meet-up.

The meet-up included 2 speaking sessions delivered by Sri Lanka MVP and 12 community influencers. SQL Server MVP Prithiviraj Kulasingham spoke on “Extended Events”, followed by the main highlight of this event “Anything-SQL Lightning Talks – 2nd Edition” delivered by 12 community speakers (Abhinandana de Zoysa, Avantha Siriwardana, B.Umashanthan, Dedunu Dhananjaya, Dinesh Karunarathna, Hasitha Kanchana, Jayani Withanawasam, Sanjeewa Jayawickarama, Shamil Saleem, Shane Carvalho, Sriyantha Silva and Supun Thrikawala), each given 5 minutes to speak on different SQL and related topics.The user group meeting reached out to 60 participants.

Slide decks available for download
Visit the Gallery for photos
Find out more on T-SQL Teaser
View results for T-SQL Teaser (August 2012) 




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